The Art of Kymberlee della Luce shows how to release pain and suffering
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Release Pain and Suffering Through Embracing the Color Purple (#4)

r.i.p. bell hooks

Welcome to another episode of  “Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce”!   In this episode, I talk about the energy of the Solstice, and how to release pain and suffering through embracing the color purple. I pay homage to bell hooks, Prince, and my mama and talk about my struggles with boxes and keep exploring the concept of “cluster analysis” which was mentioned in last week’s episode, “Transformative Obstacles, Collective Care and Singing the Blues!

I just started making videos of the podcast using my art. I’ve embedded the video below. There are videos for each podcast over on YouTube.

Please enjoy!

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I also read a poem and find some interesting synchronicities along the way. ✨

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