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let this news travel fast then

news travels fast these days
(too fast)

we hear of a tragedy within minutes of the happening
powerlessness sets in
and outrage
(and deep sadness)

let this news travel fast then:

i awakened moments ago in a dark room
my babies are safe in their bed
the night sky is clear and the birch tree
is stripped clean from recent storms

the gift of starshine comes gleaming through the window
(flirting a little)


I see people
checking their phones for instant updates
as though whatever is happening
on the other end of the pixelated universe
with their friends or the world
is within their control

perhaps we tune in
over there
to avoid the discomfort
of sitting with
the pain
and mess
of right. here.

let this news travel fast then:

the world is beautifully tragic
it deserves our tears
and our love
(and so do we)

there are stars outside the window
waiting for us to flirt back
and people to hold tight
(and sometimes to let go)

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