My Artist's Prayer


I wrote this Artist’s Prayer back in 2001, long before I had conceptualized “Live Your Truth, Love Your Life”. It’s interesting to me how often that theme comes up here. Life works in mysterious ways…

Dearest Spirit
help me find truth and love
in all of my work and my life.

Bolster me with strength and purpose
and let me see my Divinity and
feel the flow of the River of Life

I surrender past hurts, ideas and
fears which no longer serve me.
I surrender ego.
I seek inspiration everywhere and
look for ways to create in every moment.

I embrace abundance in my life and know
that the tools, time, experiences and money
that I need are coming to me and
I am grateful.

I carry the wands of Peace, Love, Joy and Truth
with me. Let them be my instruments of
transformation for myself and the greater good.
I know that my healing, recovery and
self-knowledge are happening now
and I am grateful.

I know that through my healing,
I will find ways to heal the world,
and I am grateful.

I know I am a leaf on the Tree of Life
unfurling and bringing hope to the world.
I am absorbing the Light of Love and Truth
and bringing a breath of fresh air to the world
and I am grateful.

Blessed Be!

Times three
Times three
Times three

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