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New Directions


Outside there is a thin
wind flirting with the trees
it has teased the curtains
into dancing; I keep time
in my head.

Memorizing the seasons, I touch
things as if my fingers
will learn them
again; weary of explanations,
at mid-life I am more comfortable
with the truth.

Outside, the mountain ash hangs
heavy with orange berries,
like overripe breasts they weight
the branches down; I feel
the tug, my flesh molding
itself to gravity; closer now
to the soil than ever
to the sky.

Poem “New Directions” by Susan A. Katz from the book, “When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple”, which I am sending my mom as a gift today.

I feel this. I feel life and its delicious, wondrous cycles today and I rejoice.

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