choosing to feel good

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My daughter, Gigi, beholding the altar at her new school

I have always been a highly sensitive person. I have often sensed things–the things you feel with your sixth sense–and often haven’t known what to do with those feelings. As I child, my perceptions were often “hushed up” by my parents or others (common when people don’t want to admit the truth). There have always been so many things I felt but couldn’t bring a voice to. It can be painful to be a “sixth sensory” in a “five sensory” world. I listen these days and don’t let others who don’t have this heightened sensitivity talk me out of these feelings, these knowings.

I have been really paying attention to the energy I feel around certain people, places or things lately and tuning into to my psychic awareness. The more I tune into my higher awareness, the less comfortable I feel around anything that has a negative vibe. Places where murders, drug deals and the like happen don’t feel good to me. When people are lying, I know (I always have) . I get a sort of “pit” in my stomach or I feel my mood shifting. This is my Higher Awareness guiding me and I am listening.

I recently pulled my daughter out of a school that had “bad vibes”. The corner where the building is located has many accidents, the teachers were fighting, the kids were often strung out and it just felt heavy. In just two days of going to a different place (where meditation and non-sectarian prayer are the norm), I have seen a huge change in her energy and mine. There is a lighter feeling, a feeling of spaciousness and a gentle spirit to the days. All of the parents are smiling and encouraging. It’s so lovely. Gigi said, “I like my new school. We pray there and sing songs and it feels good to my body.” Indeed.

I recently gave away a bunch of stuff to charity and burned letters and memorabilia from my childhood. I felt a negative, heavy feeling whenever I considered these objects as they represent a different time in my life where I was not really living an authentic life. It felt SO good to this. The freedom I have experienced in the letting go is beyond my ability to impart. It is like cutting off a sandbag from a beautiful red balloon. The balloon flies free. It’s amazing.

I was telling someone yesterday that I beginning to notice that my mood can be affected by taking a different route as I drive. Going along a green space with lots of trees feels much different to my energetic body than traveling along a place where there are drug addicts, prostitutes, and lots of concrete. He seemed to judge what I said as I though I was sorting out the “riff raff”. Nothing could be further from the truth! I have a great deal of compassion for people who are homeless or addicted. I have worked in shelters to help these people and have seen their pain. I have struggled with my own issues with co-dependency and relationship addiction so I know how hard it is to move into a different place in your life. I am also feeling more and more that it is OKAY to move towards what feels good in my life. Towards empowerment, health, wellness, fresh air, calmness and JOY! I say to myself every morning, “I am a JOY magnet!” and it’s working! I’m finding more and more ways to be supportive of others and let others be supportive of me. I’m paying attention to the joy I DO feel and allowing more of it to flow in. It is very good.

When we move towards feeling good, we raise our vibration and that helps the entire energetic matrix, not just my own.

So yes…doing what feels good is very, very good and I’m sticking to it!

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