Pillow Fort

“Piles” for Everyday Matters Challenge
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I have been on quite the odyssey over the past year as I’ve been an archeologist for my soul. Part of this process has included a tremendous amount of decluttering. Julie Morgenstern’s book “Organizing from the Inside Out” has been invaluable to me. I’ve found that as my psychic baggage drops away, so does my material baggage. I’m not obsessively clean but I keep things organized which frees up a lot of time for other things. My kids have an easier time keeping their toys picked up now that there is a place for everything.

One thing we seem to have an abundance of are pillows which live in a big pile behind the couch with some blankets for snuggling. My kids and I built this fort this morning so I sketched it tonight. The blanket (my favorite part of the drawing) is a very tattered scrap fabric quilt made by my Great Grandmother Maria Baker. I don’t really have much from my childhood so my Mom gave me this two years ago. It’s been my “blankie” ever since. Drawing the old-fashioned fabrics was great fun and I’m glad to have a picture of something so well-loved.

Inspired by Danny, I decided to bravely draw this in ink. I am proud that I was able to let go a little bit and just do it. I found that the less I cared about the outcome but paid more attention to the details, the better I liked the result. What a wonderful lesson for life.

Release expectations but be present in the moment.

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