your body, your story
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Your Body, Your Story

We live in a culture that seems to scrutinize our bodies mercilessly, leading to people constantly striving to obtain some bit of “perfection” that seems elusive because we are often comparing ourselves to airbrushed people on magazine covers, people with anorexia…honestly, we are just comparing ourselves rather than accepting and CELEBRATING ourselves.

We all have a body and we all have a story. This project is about understanding our relationship to our bodies in the context of our culture. The purpose of the project is to ask questions that engage us in a collective dialogue about something many of us feel vulnerable talking about. My hope is to promote self-knowledge and awareness for the participants both personally and collectively.

Here’s what will happen:

1.) You will take an anonymous survey consisting of six questions.
2.) The responses will be posted here in one week as a way for people to see the collective voice.
3.) If you wish to be informed when the blog is updated with the responses, please send me an email and I will email you once they are posted.

Click here to take survey [Survey closed in 2009.]

UPDATE: Thank you to all who participated! I feel so honored to have read your stories and to be sharing this journey with you. Here are the results from the survey.  Thanks again and many blessings on your journey. ~Kymberlee

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