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zaftig women awaken


Some friends shared their favorite words with me on Facebook so I decided to create a little short story with them.

She looked at the beautiful faces around her and her heart was filled with warmth. This was indeed kismet and she felt more at home in her skin than she ever had.

Loving, zaftig women were ushering in a new zeitgeist. It was a time to share the calumet in circle with other kindred spirits. Sweet serendipity could be found everywhere and the people engaged in beautiful acts of kindness, healing and reciprocity.

This new era was a time when embracing the instinctual nature was expected and embraced. Being naughty was celebrated and it was safe to be vulnerable and tender. Children were cared for and elders were respected. It was very, very good. People played dress up for the sheer joy of it and often went without shoes because they loved to feel the earth beneath their feet.

Urban gardeners filled the cities with vegetables, fruits and flowers and there were lovely meeting places filled with live music, laughter and broad smiles. Sharing was a way of a life, not something taught in preschool and forgotten.

Gone were the days of the superfluous knuckleheads who led with their heads and controlled with their hands.

The global heart was awakened and the people rejoiced.

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