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new chapter [or letting magic flow freely]

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I deleted my personal Facebook account today. The reasons for this are many. Here are a few:

1.) I’ve had way too many people lurking about, reading about my life and assuming they know me then try to get close to me just from reading about my life on Facebook. This happened on Flickr a couple of years ago too. I find that relationships like this don’t really work. It feels more like they are fans than friends. That’s cool. Artists need fans. Now I have a fan page for fans to visit. It’s here if you’re interested.

2.) I find Facebook distracting. As an artist, I need to put my attention into my art and into the work I want to bring into the world. I feel called more and more to this. Focus is the key to success. Focus brings magic which I now allow to flow freely into my life.

3.) I see the world becoming more and more digitized. I see people using social networking either as a way to have quasi-intimacy (the image of being in a room where everyone is on their laptop/device comes to mind) or like an Amway business advertising their services and asking their friends to do the same. This just isn’t what my spirit wants or needs.

4.) I have found myself feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, honestly. I don’t have enough time to go to all the events I’m invited to nor even look at everything that is sent my way. I want to focus more on what I’m called to, not what is put in front of my face/screen. I want to make time and space for true intimacy in my life, not the online “check in” variety.

I created my page on Facebook so people who really like what I do can visit if they like. I know a lot of people find my words and art healing or inspiring so I’ll keep putting them out into the universe and trust that people will find me. I consciously choose to ALLOW life to bring me what I need. Whatever is true and needed will remain or come to me. What isn’t will fall away. I trust this. For example, when I was writing this post, I sent out the intention to have birds visit me so I could take a picture to go with words. I wanted them to come visit the bare branches just outside my window so I could keep creating from my bed. Within five minutes, a flock of birds came, I grabbed my camera and kept snapping. I love the picture that I ended up choosing and I love that what I needed came to me. I often find this to be the case.

I believe starting this new chapter–this new relationship–to my work, myself and my online experience will bring me more time and energy for beauty, joy and grace.

Stay tuned…

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