Kymberlee della Luce


Eros is passionate love.  We often think of erotic energy as sexual and it can be but it’s also sensuality and life force energy.  Eros is what drives us to love and live.  What drives us to create.  Eros wants us to live an unapologetically lush life.   Eros wants us to thrive.  Eros wants us dancing and playing.  Eros wants Psyche (soul) to be liberated through Love.  So let’s live that lush love life–together.


Eyeliner is adornment.  Fashion.  Self-expression.  It’s not ladyliner.  Not guyliner.  Eyeliner.   Eyeliner is an embrace of all that we are and who we came to be.  An embrace of our inner mystery and permission to rock our true expression of self on the inside and the outside.