Kymberlee della Luce


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fore bidden

FORE now so vulnerable our diversity being ignored entitlement reigns (rains) evidence- science- based (base) //drop the bass 808 33″ not 45 in your face// my transgendered son once a fetus now burgeoning manhood facing future (not forbidden) welcomed bidden (prayed for) received loved bright sun (son) future BIDDEN My response to 45’s “forbidden” words….

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yoga of vulnerability

The other day in yoga I was in “Happy Baby” pose and suddenly I felt very small.  And vulnerable. I found myself saying, “It’s okay, sweetie.  I’m sorry that you were hurt.  I’m sorry that you were lied to.  I’m sorry that has made it hard for you to trust people.” I started crying as…


I read an article recently that recommended walking with bare feet.  I’ve been dutifully trotting outside each morning while I wait for my coffee to brew and walking on the little gravel patch on the side of the house. Back and forth.  Bare legs.  Bare arms.  Bare feet. The rocks are hard and cold on…

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