39 Things

On my birthday in April, I made a list of “39 things to do in my 39th year”. Here it is:

  1. Buy my own house with my own money.
  2. Travel to Paris.
  3. Sell some of my art.
  4. Take a photography class.
  5. Love my body. (I decided to leave this one open-ended – heh)
  6. Take a vacation alone.
  7. Go camping with my kids.
  8. Go to a nude beach or hot springs.
  9. Develop a strong and consistent body care ethic.
  10. Exercise daily.
  11. Launch my career more fully.
  12. Finish up old business with loved ones.
  13. Learn to play the guitar.
  14. Sing out at a piano bar.
  15. Have/find/build a studio space for dancing and art.
  16. Study French to prepare myself for living there part of the year.
  17. Write my book.
  18. Build community for a more integrated life.
  19. Take a watercolor class.
  20. Record a CD (vanity project).
  21. Develop a deepen spiritual practice.
  22. Learn to integrate work and mothering more successfully.
  23. Play more!
  24. Take a road trip with the girls.
  25. Start a creativity circle.
  26. Do naked body prints with the kids in the summer.
  27. Have a pair of high-heeled, sexy-as-hell, knee-high boots made just for me.
  28. Memorize 5 favorite poems.
  29. Continue to practice deep forgiveness.
  30. Get a whole new wardrobe.
  31. Publish a magazine article.
  32. Write more, talk less.
  33. Play more, worry less.
  34. Read less, experience more.
  35. Form relationships based on trust, mutuality and POSITIVITY.
  36. Learn more standards (meaning songs).
  37. Kick my caffeine addiction for good.
  38. Learn how to harmonize more (musically).
  39. Invite Romance (capital intended) into my life.

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