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“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
~Mary Oliver

My recent list of astonishments:

The ability of the human heart to overcome hatred and love anyway.
The gift of community.
Endless shades of orange and red.
The way a smile can light up my world.
The smell of Seattle rain.
How much talent exists in this world.
The feeling of deep connection and gratitude I feel when hugging a tree.
How self-respect bolsters the spirit.
The grace of friendship.
My children. (Every, single day.)
Pink flowers that bloom in autumn.
How amazing it feels to let go of the need to explain or defend. (just, wow.)

It’s late and I’m tired. I should sleep now but before I do, I have to add that speaking of astonishment, I just watched a fabulous movie that my friend loaned me called The Fall. I highly recommend it. Visual splendor + touching and oh-so-human narrative. The kind of story that makes you feel grateful to be alive and helps you forgive and the kind of artmaking that makes you want to be a better artist. Just lovely (Thanks, Rob!)

And now, a song. This song astonishes me. Enjoy.

Digital Bath by Deftones on Grooveshark

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