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Axis Mundi

Special (you are)

(These words were plucked from the heartstrings of Kenny Alton and the Toric field he created as he gave his Senior Synthesis Presentation at Antioch.)

Axis Mundi

The red wine
(and his curls)
words of love married with intellect

A tattooed landscape
of masculinity lies before me
(the heart is a conscious organ with memory).

Roses and beer bottles
red shoes


Dancing on a toric field
a fugue with the Universe
consciousness interacting

A wave of sorrow
(and the hiding)
bring back the feminine!

The indigenous heart
a story of coherence
(and a wolf).

The storm came.

I am an endangered species

We find our own code
(just ours)
the one that takes off and flies!

The love tells me where I am.

Axis Mundi.

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