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bricolage project day 10 [open]

The randomly-chosen word of the day is open and comes from Slut Lullabies by Gina Frangello.  I was working as an intern for Emergency Press at the time the book was published so I have a copy of it which still sits unread on my shelf.  That will be remedied in the coming months of rain ahead.

The rain has been pouring down so urgently all day here in Seattle.  I decided to start with that as the foundation of my piece today which is a video rather than a photo.  Bricolage comes from the French verb bricoler which means “to tinker”.  That is indeed how these pieces are created:  Tinkering.  For this one, I wrote the song and recorded the spoken word in Garageband and mixed everything in iMovie.  The poem I’m reading is the one from day two.  The guitar in the song was added for him.  Because he’s a guitarist who also likes to tinker.

Today’s quote is from Franz Kafka.

I am a cage, in search of a bird.

I think and write so much about freedom.  These thoughts can become their own mobius-strip prison.  To imagine that I might be the cage, not the bird (or likely both) intrigues me.  Last night, I was telling him that I am like a wounded animal in love–skittish and fearful of comfort and domesticity because home never felt like the safe place.   I told him I didn’t want to be put in a corral and taken away from my wild nature.  He suggested a den as an alternative among equals.  He described it as a “warm, dry place where you can rest and recouperate.  And whenever you feel the urge, you can go out and hunt or howl at the moon.”

I like that idea much better than a cage of any sort.  The energy is comforting but open.

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