Choosing Life

Pan Studies His Lines
I’m going to see The Rite of Luna tomorrow night at the Richard Hugo House with my friend Betsy. Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis is a series of seven passion plays, and The Rite of Luna is the final installment. I’m not a follower of his work but the oracular cards in my Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot deck are my favorite to work with. I’ve been using tarot cards for many years as a way to deepen into messages from my many spirit guides. Whether it’s seeing an animal, plant or stone that has a message for me, receiving a call from a friend at just the right moment or interpreting the meaning of the rich images of the Tarot, I feel the presence of my guides with me illuminating my path. Since I started paying attention, my life has deeper meaning and is finally becoming my own.

Some people would say it’s evil to use tarot cards or believe astrology is “devil’s work”. This is how I was raised. It’s so funny to me how much I used to believe in things like “the devil” and “evil” or believed that “God” was some kind of puppeteer/Daddy figure in the sky that was outside of me. What a horrible feeling that was! I lived in fear and never felt like there was room for me to make mistakes. I was constantly asking forgiveness for “sins” and always sought approval outside myself. No wonder it has taken me so long to learn to love myself and just feel okay about life.

I love to watch my children make their own choices in their lives and live from their hearts. They don’t get punished for mistakes and their choices are not motivated by fear as mine often were. They are honest and open and I trust them because there’s no reason not to. They don’t need “hellfire and damnation” to make good choices. They only need to remember to love themselves enough to listen to their inner voice. And they do. I feel so aligned with All That Is and so trusting that Life is here now that I have let go of judgement in its myriad forms. And it is so beautiful.

May we all be motivated to choose Life and Love rather than fear. May we understand that the attainment of merging with Divinity is in the here and now if we choose to heed the messages all around us.

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