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every day a blank page

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I saw two things this morning that I find very affirming. Not only are they spoken by people I admire who are doing wonderful things in this world but they affirm my own deep, inner knowing. The first comes from Deepak Chopra:

“Step into it every moment by getting rid of your habitual certainties.”

I challenge my own certainties more every day. I see how often I can make assumptions about a person, about a situation or just life in general and how that doesn’t bring the grace I know is available when I remain more open. Whenever I think about what I just know to be true, I consider that up until only 500 years ago, “experts” just knew that the world was flat. There is evidence that other cultures knew it was round well before that. So much for experts. So much for knowing. If we listen to every report or “expert” about what’s good for us or what is “known”, we stay stuck. We have a deep well of inner knowing that is available to help us but we have to tune in, listen and trust it. It helps to tune out the naysayers and often, the “experts”, and “well-meaning” friends. It helps to trust your soul urges which comes from resting in stillness then moving forward with a spirit of inquiry into the unknown.

“I wonder?” is filled with so much more possibility than “I know.”

The second statement comes from Paulo Coelho.

“”Impossible” is just an opinion.”

If we believe something is impossible, it surely will be, however, people do “impossible” things every day. Once someone has done the “impossible”, a couple of different things happen, people argue with it and stay stuck in their world of limitation or, much better, people are inspired because they realize it’s actually possible and they too go make the impossible possible. I would rather be the person who is inspired or inspiring than the closed system saying, “Than can never happen.” Imagine if Thomas Edison, Susan B. Anthony or Martin Luther King, Jr. had listened to the naysayers? Where would we be today?

“What if?” is filled with so more possibilty than, “I can’t.”

This song inspires me to remember that every, single day can be a blank page if we allow it–if we have the courage to be unwritten.

What will you write today?

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