good flows

Facing Fears

I had some energetic healing work done today to work on my belief that bad things will happen to me if good things happen to me. There are many complicated reasons why this belief exists within me but it was VERY stuck inside of me and now it’s not. Yay!

She did some Theta healing as well as shamanic energy work over the phone which was very therapeutic. Once I’ve had a chance to process it and do some of the post-session work, I’ll come back here and write a bit more. What I wanted to get down in writing here is the affirmation that I came up with for rewriting these limiting beliefs. I am very connected to the Tree of Life and often imagine myself as a tree, grounded to the Mother’s energy and receiving loving light from the Father, breathing in the negative, breathing out the positive…healing, cleansing, completely the cycle. Using this analogy, I crafted this personal manifesting manifesto affirmation thingimajiggy. (that was fun to type..heh):

Good flows to me and through me for the Greater Good of All.

And so it is. 🙂

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