I want to be alive with you
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I want to be alive with you

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Kymberlee della Luce booed up.
Me today all booed up with myself.
I want to be alive with you: Me reading a selection from Tokopa Turner’s book “Belonging” for your soul and mine. May it bless you.

This piece says everything about what I want (and have) in community. In my relationships. In my work. And what I offer folx.

After a couple of years of strange relationship dynamics, what I know for sure is I have some really loyal and dear folx in my life and I’m so grateful.

And especially I have a spectacular relationship with myself. I like being my own soul mate. In 2019, I left behind relationships steeped in gender roles the way I left behind gender essentialism in 2018.

I have so much more to say about how much pain binary/nuclear family/heteronormative BS has hurt me in my life. But for now, I just want to celebrate being alive. With you.

Big love in 2020 and beyond, lovelies.


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