notes to my future love

Notes to my future love:

– You should know that I am a very tender person with a big, open heart. I love the world but have kept myself away from true love out of fear. I have done a lot of work to change that. I’m not afraid anymore.

– This heart I’m speaking of is really precious. I think yours is too. Let’s be kind to one another.

– I have a mole on my right bicep that I want you to discover–with your lips (there’s also a little one right above my lips. Feel free to linger there also.)

– I have learned to be vulnerable enough to honor your vulnerability. Being tough is for people who aren’t strong. We wouldn’t be attracted to one another if we weren’t. That’s pretty fab.

– I will be fiercely protective of you. It is my nature. I need that from you too.

– Let’s take turns drawing words to guess on each other’s back.

– I want to linger with you over morning coffee for hours on the weekend hearing all about whatever is most alive for you.

– I want to feel this with you and I want you to feel it with me too. In the flesh. With our flesh.

– I want to read Neruda, Oliver, Rumi, Whitman and Keats (or your favorite poets or fairy tales) to you in bed. I want you to do that for me too.

– I can be like a caged animal with love. I’ve worked hard to trust but I’m a work in progress. I suppose we all are, eh? Can we live those questions together?

– I am a hopeless romantic. Get ready to be showered with rose petals, kisses and the things you most love.

– I love being pampered and spoiled but I equally enjoying doing that back.

– I will massage you often. I love giving and receiving healing touch.

– I am never in too big a hurry for a lingering hug or to utter the words “I love you.” These are the things that make life worth living.

– I want to grow food together then cook with you. I want to do the dishes with you. I want to share and co-create and explore life with you.

– I love adventure. Adventure with you will be that much more juicy.

– I want to kiss you in Paris.

– This is a big list of what what I want. I crave the knowledge of what you want too.

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