reframing [pun intended]

Well, kids, I’m 44 and I’ve finally faced the truth that my luscious body is changing a bit. My eyes need some help so I got a pair of reading glasses. I have been avoiding reading books because my eyes get so tired and I LOVE reading so I sucked it up.

So why the avoidance, you say? Well, because I don’t want to face that I’m getting older. I enjoy people thinking I’m much younger than I am. Love it. I love not being dependent on anything to get through life. Of course, that is silly because we are all quite interdependent and nobody goes it alone in this world.

I didn’t want to be dependent and I didn’t want to look older. I do enjoy seeing, however. I thought glasses would make me look old but I actually think I look sort of hot in that “sexy librarian” way.

Like most things in life, it’s all the way you look at it. [that pun was not intended. groan.]

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