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ten discoveries | ten years


A few things I’ve noticed in my travels. You probably have too. Just here in Seattle listening to some trance music and pondering the past ten years. Jotting this down as a little cairn.

1. If someone can’t give you a bit of space in a relationship [read: they are terrified of being away from you], it’s not a good fit.

2. If someone is always asking for space, they are probably not that in to you [I say this as one who has needed space.]

3. If you live in your head all the time, it can be easy to assume others live there with you. They don’t.

4. Good questions and deep listening are a powerful combination and can fix almost anything.

5. Learning to say to others the thing I most want to hear has changed my life. (Thanks Matt Kahn.)

6. You can’t trust other people implicitly. You can’t trust yourself implicitly.

7. People who say “You can trust me.” can’t be trusted.

8. The body is really the most profoundly powerful instrument ever created; I learn more every day how vital it is to treat it as such.

9. What we focus on really does expand. If you think everyone is beautiful, they will show their beauty every time. Try it.

10..Love is always worth it.

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