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They say life is more beautiful
when you’re in love.
(and it’s true)

I’m finding it is positively breathtaking as I learn
to fall in love with myself.
(sweetness there)

Suddenly, gifts are given freely
and received with grace.
(so much grace)

The reds and yellow of life jump out
from the grey, lurking shadows to be noticed.
(beauty in the contrast)

In the act of being gloriously intimate with myself
life has become more intimate right back.

As within, so without.

Here’s some beauty I’ve seen lately:

rainbows and unicorns
today as I took the girls to school

jurassic leaf
yesterday on a walk at the Arboretum, I found this huge leaf. what a GLORIOUS day it was for a walk

devil hat sort of a day
I wore my devil yesterday and enjoyed my impishness. Such fun to be alive in this body!

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