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do you see?

the lament of the reluctant princess

Dear Bluebeard,

It seems you decided
somewhere along the line
that I am the perfect girl
to fit into that little space
in your pocket
in your life–

–that little compartment
in your dreams,
or your fantasies
where things are tidy

get your needs met.
(Do you see ME?)

To my brothers:

I am not your home and hearth
when you pick and choose
to witness you
and give you love
to listen to your songs
or your sob stories
while you go give your love
and care
and support
to everyone else.
(Do you see ME?)

To my lovers:

I am not
your little sex toy
to put back
in your nightstand
when the lube is gone
and you are spent.
Nor am I a warm bed
to lay on
when your marriage bed
is cold.
(Do you see ME?)

To my sisters:

If we don’t stop
taking care of men
and let them take care
of themselves
and care for US,
the world will keep crumbling
and we will all keep hurting.
(Do you see?)

I see.
I see.
I see myself
and the world
with new eyes.

No more excuses.

Time for boys to become men.
Time for girls to become women.
Time for women to become Queens.
Time for Queens to find their Kings.
Time for sovereignty.
(Do you see?)


Sovereign Queen Kymberlee

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