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squishing worries and other paths to ecstasy

squishing worries

I posted a copy of my 100 Paths to Ecstasy the other day on Facebook. I realized as I was reading through them that I haven’t done some of them and need to go back and re-do many of them. Because I had never done #33, I thought I would.

The picture above shows the process.

1.) We wrote all our worries on paper and blended them up.
2.) We mixed the worries with jell-o.
3.) We stirred the worries around and “cast a spell” to surrender our worries to the Universe.
4.) We squished our toes in the jell-o and let the worries be useful by bringing us delight instead of agony.

Here’s a video of the delight part:

Ah, transmutation!

I think tomorrow’s activity will be #65.

If you decide to have some fun, let me know what you did!

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