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The Fool, Horizons and Synchronicity

The Fool

Me to Gigi: “What do you see?”
“A man about to step off a cliff.”
“Do you think he’s in danger?”
“Why not?”
“I don’t know. I just think he’s going to be all right.”
“Why do you think the eagle is there?”
“To make sure he is all right.”

Hmmm. Indeed.

Note: The picture in the background was sketched for me by Gigi this morning before that card was drawn. Note the sun in the background on both pictures, the feeling of expansiveness and the branches. I love the synchronicity!

While she was drawing this, I coached her on drawing a horizon to separate sky from earth. I thought about how that is what we are. We are each a horizon at the intersection of sky and earth but we can only be seen that way through another’s eyes.

I wonder what wondrous horizons await this Fool?

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