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genderless empowerment and interdependence

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“I believe that national sovereignties will shrink in the face of universal interdependence.” ~Jacques Yves Cousteau

One of my friends recently got a flat and posted something on Facebook saying she needed to learn to change a tire.

I responded by saying, “I can teach you. It’s easy.”

A mutual friend said I needed to “justify my tone” or my inference that she was a girl.

I thought about how he perceived that and realize that I wasn’t saying that at all. I was just letting her know that I am willing to teach her because I know how. I know how because my dad taught me. He said he didn’t want me to ever be stranded on the side of the road. (Good thinking, Dad.)

I know plenty of men who don’t know how to change a tire and plenty of women who don’t know how to cook.

This isn’t about gender. It’s about empowerment.

We can help each other through life without rescuing one another.

I’m proud to say I know how to cook, change a tire, sew a button, wire a light socket, refinish both wood and metal, change a diaper, code a website, write a script, sing a song, be a friend and a host of other things that are part of the fabric of life.

What I’ve often struggled with is asking for help. That is changing as I learn to care for myself and understand the difference between co-dependence and interdependence.

I’ll teach you my skills if you teach me yours. =D

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