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new rules

wreck this journal  | no more

If you’re married, I am NOT interested.

If you’re a liar or a cheat, leave me alone.

If you withhold the truth (or your feelings for that matter) out of fear of loss or getting hurt, steer clear.

If you think sending text messages saying, “I miss you” or “I want u” when you’re not willing or able to show up in my life as a friend, in the light, as a partner, please stop.

Venus is in retrograde. Time to clean house.

As Bill Maher would say, “New rules.”

My freewill horoscope from Rob Bresny this week said to focus on what I want, what I want to say YES to. I have learned what I don’t want the hard way. Here’s a bit of what I do:

Strong heart
Strong mind
Strong body
Open mind
Open heart

And so it is.

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