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poems from the frye. 1. [emotional intensity theory]

Yesterday, I spent several hours alone at The Frye Art Museum drinking in the “Moment Magnitude” exhibit. I wrote pages in my journal. Random things I overheard people saying, snippets from the art descriptions or the videos and my own feelings and thoughts that arose. I also took pictures of things strangers had posted in the exhibit’s guest book. This is the first installment from this creative experiment.

emotional intensity theory

no absolute time
(or logical signs)

the crescendo and decrescendo of us
push and pull pitch
frequencies and signatures

our celebrated correspondence
the aftershocks of
intriguing slippage
(no history)

let me be a haven
in a world of uncertain outcomes
(orbit me)

i don’t know if i can call it a capture
(more a movement)

floating light

not capturing
but surrendering to
your frame
your gravity
your brilliance
(inherent risk)

uncertain outcomes
possible measurable magnitudes
embracing freedom in union
find it

(i will try not to do you wrong)

Frye Art Museum Guest Book Entry 2012


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